GWC Accreditation Self-Evaluation Report of 2011-2012

Instructions for Revisions to GWC Self Evaluation Report of 2012

1)     “Draft 5” of 2011-2012 Accreditation Self-Evaluation report is now posted

Download the GWC Self Evaluation Report 5th Draft 040412 [Word DOC].

2)     Please revise by Standard, rather than responding to the whole document. Revisions will be much more manageable this way for Fred Trapp, Editor.

3)     The GWC Campus Community will have the opportunity to review and comment on “Draft 5” from April 5th-April 20th.

4)     For revisions: Please Copy/paste from the whole document using ONLY THE Standard(s) and page number(s) you are revising. Please save as “Standard you are revising & Date revisions are sent” in Word document format. When editing in the word document, please use the strikethrough tool to note the changes you have made so edits will be clearly seen.

5)     The Academic Issues Council & Academic Senate will review the 2011-2012 Accreditation Self-Evaluation report “Draft 5” on April 17th from 1-3pm in LRC 250. All GWC Faculty, Staff, and Administrators are invited to attend.


*Please Send all revision(s) to Amanda Bihr at or call me for assistance (714) 892-7711 ext.55009. Thank you.

Amanda Bihr

Office of VP Student Success

Golden West College

(714)892-7711 ext.55009